1. Weaver’s Cottage and Flat

This simple HTML-based web site consists of 3 pages, including a contents page and a calendar. The main aim was to create a user-friendly site that customers could visit to check whether they could book the Cottages for a specific time. The images were provided by the owner, along with map references and all site text.


2. GX Soccer

The owner of GX Soccer wished to have a site that customers could view in sight of ordering football kits. Macromedia Flash was used for the animations so that users could customise each shirt with their team’s colours. There is also some simple PERL scripting for the comments page and a photo gallery.


3. Keighley Badminton Club

A detailed HTML-based web site, with calendar, links page and a password-protected member’s area. All of the logos were provided by thebubblejungle, and is updated weekly with new fixtures and calendar dates. The site is split into two sections, an senior and a junior section, recently sporting a new photo gallery.


4. The Bradford and District Badminton League

A detailed HTML-based web site which holds all of the match results for the Badminton League. The site is updated regularly with new scores and latest news.